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Cheap and Comfortable Accommodation
in Pension Magda, Babylon, Domažlice, Czech Republic

The newly-renovated Pension Magda is located at the edge of the Bohemian Forest (Český Les) in the resort town of Babylon, famous locally for its man-made lake, popular with swimmers of all ages. The hotel offeres cheap and comfortable accommodation and is only a few steps away from the train station. From here, you can take a train trip to nearby Domažlice or Pilsen, Furth im Wald or Cham - or to any number of other places on either side of the Czech-German border.

From the windows of the hotel's comfortably-furnished rooms, guests have a lovely view of Mount Čerchov, atop of which a lookout tower stands. The tower offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

In addition to swimming, other activities to be enjoyed nearby include miniature golf, tennis, cycling and hiking. Along the many hiking trails one can find an abundance of wild berries and mushrooms in summer.

If you are interested in gambling, there is a choice of 6 casinos located on the Czech side close to the border with Germany 5 km from hotel. Texas Hold'em tournaments are especially popular and being held every weekend Thursday - Sunday.

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